Informal education

I love creating learning activities and curricula that foster love for biodiversity and inspire environmentally ethical behavior. Check out some of my work with these organizations:

The Hydrous: As part of a project funded by the National Geographic Society I helped produce a Coral Reefs learning kit. An abridged form of the kit curriculum is available here as a companion to the 360 film IMMERSE. My curated list of favorite ocean education resources can be found here.

California Academy of Sciences: Learn from home with Academy @ Home! Check out Virtual NightLife Vol. 4 for my short talk on how nudibranchs stay connected (or don’t) across long distances.

Digital media

I write pop science articles and make videos about scientific topics that interest me- check them out here:


The Jaguar and the Hummingbird

What can ancient dog poop reveal about an ecosystem?

Fact-checking ‘The Bachelorette’: are conchs aphrodisiacs?

Evolution doesn’t work the way you think it does


The Longest Time (Coral Triangle Edition): This parody music video was so popular when it came out that Billy Joel himself endorsed it!

Why are coral reefs so diverse? This video summarizes some of the findings from my dissertation research on coral-associated nudibranchs at UCLA.

All that the rain promises: People like to say that coral reefs are the rainforests of the sea because of their incredible biodiversity, but since coral reefs evolved first, why don’t we flip it around? Here’s a look at the importance of water for these coral reefs of the land.

Discovering the Reefs of Zanzibar with the California Academy of Sciences: scenes and findings from the 2018 Zanzibar Expedition.

Marine Biology at Home: My full lecture about Coral Reef biology, ecology, and conservation

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    1. Thank you! Unfortunately the after school program didn’t get enough student enrolled and was canceled. Thanks for the reminder to take down the broken link.

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